Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Purim and Pizza

It's Wednesday night.  Time to take out the trash.  Tomorrow is Opening Day!  Who is ready for some Phillies action?  Should be a fun year.  That also means it's bound to get warm one of these days.  Last Wednesday we went to Shir Ami for Purim celebrations.  They had a band of kids and a band of adults playing different rock songs.  I'm not really sure what the connection is to the holiday but the kids were cute and the adults were a little embarrassing.  Someone who knows I'm playing the guitar made me promise never to get up there.  
 Then it was pizza time.  Eli was back to his favorite job.  Filling as many water cups as possible.  
 Pretty big crowd.  Todd and Ali joined us.  

 So Ariel grabbed the mic and started singing.  Eli meanwhile banged on the drums and had really good rhythm.  We may need to get him a set!
 The kids had a little too much fun.  Noah even went outside with some older kids!

 This is something we should be worried about.  All the signatures are Amy's until you get to the bottom one.  Ariel did that!  
 Thursday morning the twins picked the new books they want to order.  
 Fun at school.

 Aden and I got haircuts.  Aden goes way more often now that his hair is shorter.
 Ariel always comes for the treats.
 Here we are!  All cleaned up!

 We have been playing the music from the new Mary Poppins for the twins but they had yet to see the movie.  It finally came out so we had a family movie night!
 The kids were enthralled.
 I took a few clips of the singing.  

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