Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Ariel and Sammy"s Book

It's Wednesday night and we just had a crazy time at the synagogue celebrating Purim.  The twins ran around the whole time so thankfully fell asleep pretty quickly.  Speaking of the twins, they have decent taste in music.  On the way to school, Eli asked for "the Sugar song."  I tried to think of kid's songs he might mean but then he started singing sugar in a falsetto voice.  He meant Maroon 5!  I put that on and they both sang it as high as Adam!  Later they both started singing We Will We Will Rock You!  

Eli here playing Aden's recorder.  I remember playing those in school.  
 We got to school and the leprechaun had made a huge mess!
 This is Hannah.  I can finally tell her and her twin sister apart! 

 Well that's a nice mommy.  Rita's and milkshakes!  
 Phillies tickets ready to go!
 School pickup.
 Who is in there?
 It's Gwen!
 Always entertaining us.
 Ali picked up Ariel from school and brought her home to play.  
Ariel and Sammy started writing a book!
 I had a conversation with Marty at the market.  
 Ariel is not much bigger than the boys but always gets stuck giving them piggy back rides.
 Back to your bed Noah!

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