Thursday, March 21, 2019

Mary Poppins

It's a very rainy first day of Spring.  We are having a hard time hearing the tv because the rain is so loud.  Ariel wants it to be warm already!  Speaking of warm, last Wednesday it was!
So we played outside for a bit.  
 I don't know if I mentioned it but Ariel was in the high school production of Mary Poppins.  They use some elementary kids every year and we wanted Ariel to do it.  They had maybe 6 practices.  Turns out it wasn't enough because they had to drop the little kids parts in the second half of the play.  So, they ended up doing 2 little parts.  This was the first night!  Ariel was nervous but excited.
 Council Rock High School South

It might be hard to read but Ariel had cast bio!
We weren't supposed to take pictures or videos but I grabbed a few.  I will post some videos later.  
 Ariel came out to join us during the intermission.  
 The kids did a great job!

 Our star!

The next day was even nicer!

 Night 2.  Yes, I went to all 4 performances. 
 I sat further back and got some good pics and videos.
 My parents came to watch.
Two shows down!  Have a great weekend!

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