Monday, March 11, 2019

Yo Yo Time

It's Monday night and we have reached the end of Aden's basketball season.  They played a tough game game against the number 1 undefeated team but couldn't pull it out.  They had a great season and should be proud.  This weekend is Ariel's debut in the high school play if anyone wants to go see her!  Back to last weekend.  

Sunday morning the little ones had a fun activity during Hebrew school.  Eli found the doughnuts.  
 It was Yo Yo again.  We have seen her a lot this year.  
 That kid is getting some major air going for the bubbles.

 My mini me?
 Hula hoop time!

 The boys would not get on the parachute.
 But they would go under it.  

 I had to go under with them.
 Craft time.
 Great crown Noah!
 That afternoon Howard came with the girls.  All the kids are inside that tent!
Hey Noah!
 The girls couldn't get away from the boys.
 There they are!

 Lots of fun!

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