Thursday, January 16, 2020

6th Grade Does Funzilla

It's Thursday night and we are finally caught up to where I like to be, a week behind.  These are from Weds, Thurs and Friday of last week.  Making four lunches every morning has not become fun in any respect.  
 Maybe not fun for me but the twins find fun in everything.  

 There were some flurries on Wednesday.  

 Thursday morning.  Time to make the lunches.  You see a pattern here?
 Eva and Gwen were over that night!
 Noah playing with Osmo.
 Up to last Friday.  I got the boys at school.  
 We dropped Ariel off at a birthday party, then headed to Funzilla for Aden's 6th grade winter activity, which Amy was in charge of!
 The boys really love this place.  
 The big boys and girls seemed to having fun too.  

 We took over the place.  

 Then the lights went out and everything was glowing!
 I took both the twins on the go carts.  
 We got back to pick up Ariel and she was doing cheer moves with the girls there.  
 Have a great weekend!  Stay warm!

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