Wednesday, January 29, 2020


Sorry. Forgot to post this. Here's a quick post for your Wednesday.  We will start with a hopeful message from Hampy, Honey and Little Hoot (who terrifies Ariel with those big eyes) letting us know there is 22 weeks till camp!  We are ready!
 Last Monday was Martin Luther King Day and the kids were off.  I took Ariel to work for the morning, then I dropped her off at the Neshaminy Mall with Amy and the other kids to watch the sing a long Frozen 2.  
 The boys did pretty well.  
 Aden went to the high school to do community service.  

 Ariel went over Sammy's house to play and have dinner after the movie.  I went to get her then take her to basketball.  

 At least at practice she gets to touch the ball!
 Here are some more funny posts from Facebook.  

The twins brought home a book from school.  
 Is he serious?!?!  Eli hates rollercoasters!
 And Noah does not like to hug!

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