Monday, January 6, 2020

See Ya Later Goofy

It's Monday night and we are watching the Bachelor!  Three hours of pure entertainment!  Don't think I will ever get those three hours back!  This was the beginning of our first full week in 3 weeks.  It was so great when the kids went to school!  This is a tough stretch though.  Long, dark, cold months.  Who is ready for Spring?  Back to Day 2 at Disney.

We left off with Aden in Star Wars land with me and the rest with Ariel becoming a princess.  The plan was to go back to the hotel and rest but we decided to see the Christmas parade.  You may have seen it that morning on tv.  They always broadcast it.  
 The kids loved the whole thing.  Lots of characters they knew.  

 It ended with Santa of course.  
 Aden and Amy then went on Space Mountain, which now has a Star Wars theme.  
 This is pretty funny.  
 We used the super fast passes and I went right back on with Aden and Ariel.  Again you can't see Ariel's face but she was all smiles.  
 Then we went shopping on Main Street.  We started the day around 7am and this was around 7pm!  Aden lit the way with the lightsaber.  
 Main Street was still busy.  

 The boys got some toys.  
 We still had time before dinner so we went back to California Adventure to go on the Monsters, Inc. ride. After waiting a while, it broke down.  
 So we hung out with Spiderman!  
 We then had to head out for dinner.  We saw the one Hanukkah decoration.  
 We walked over to Downtown Disney for dinner.  We ate at Brennan's.  The same people that own a bunch of restaurants in New Orleans that we have been to.  The one is where they supposedly invented the banana foster.  Amy and I got one there a few years ago.  
 Making the banana foster.  
 It was a cool, wet, long walk home.  They even cancelled the fireworks.  
 The next morning, we headed out early for a character breakfast.  There was a robot in the lobby!
 We headed over to the Disneyland Hotel.  It was the first hotel there built in the 50's.  
 Goofy's Kitchen.

 We waited in line to meet Goofy before we went in.  This was the only pic we got with everyone looking!

We met a bunch of characters.  
 The food was ok.  I guess we were there for the experience.  

 They headed back to the hotel and I went to Hertz to get our rental car.  It was turned out to be a 4 hour nightmare.  When I got there, there were about 20 people in line, one person working there and his computer kept breaking down.  I waited almost 2 hours to get to the counter for him to tell me they were out of cars!  Not only had I reserved it months before but I partially paid for it.  I quickly checked online and there were no rental cars in all of Southern California!  What were we going to do?  The guy said he would try and track one down for me so I didn't leave his side.  I was there another 2 hours.  Meanwhile poor Amy was alone the kids at the hotel.  She then had to check out and move everyone to the lobby.  Hertz finally gave up.  I had the Turo app on my phone.  It's kind of like an Airbnb for cars.  You rent people's cars.  I'm not sure what made me think of it but I found a minivan in the Valley not far from our new hotel so I grabbed it!  But that meant I had to Uber back to the hotel to get everyone then get up to cousin Larry's house near Beverly Hills.  Thankfully, the hotel had someone that could take us.  
 Better late than never, we made it to Larry and Jessica's house.  Eli would not go in!  He was scared of the dog!  
 We finally got him in.  
 The kids played out back.  Aden and Noah played basketball of course.  
 The twins had some Disney cake pops.  
 Then headed to the trampoline.  
 Lightsaber time!

 They took the fight outside.  
 Finally some resting.  It had been a long few days.  
 Ariel and Olivia did their makeup.  There's Teddy the scary dog!
 We all headed to the Grove for dinner.  That was one huge tree.

 We had a very nice dinner.  It was so crowded around there.  It was good we had a reservation.  
 We wish they lived closer!

 It was a fun night but we had to go check into our hotel and go to sleep.  Aden and Ariel slept over Jessica and Larry's house and the twins went to bed early so Amy and I actually had a few minutes to ourselves!

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