Monday, January 20, 2020

TikTok at the Playground

It's Monday night.  I need to get this done so Amy and I can watch the Bachelor!  Thankfully the twins went to sleep well.  Although they have been getting up too early. They came in at 4 am this morning.  Ugh.  Last Sunday, I took Ariel and the twins to the playground to meet their friend Ryan.  

Ariel made some TikToks.  If you don't know what they are, you really don't need to.  The kids will go onto something else soon enough.  I love the one with Eli.  

 There's Ryan.

 It was crowded.  They are about to rebuild the playground.  

 Ariel is so good at this.  
 Noah and Ryan went for a little hike.
 Noah found a teepee.  
 That afternoon, it was pretty warm, so I asked one of the neighbors to help me teach Ariel to ride her new bike.  He says he's an expert.  
 Noah was happy to watch from the buddy bench.  
 Ariel really wasn't getting it.  
 It might take a few more tries.  
 That afternoon, Ariel was back on the courts.  I will not put you through any videos!

 Something amusing to end the post.  

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