Thursday, January 2, 2020

The Rest of Day 1

So we got in the 3 big rides at California Adventure, then headed to Disneyland to meet my cousin.  
 There were some big lines!  It took a while to get in.  We did get the Disney stroller while we were waiting.  It was horrible but it did come in handy keeping the boys from wandering.  
 We got in!  I don't know if you saw in the news but it got so crowded a few days later that they actually had to close the gates and keep people out!  
 We wandered around Main Street until my cousins arrived.  
 Here they are!  Larry and Jessica, who took the picture, came with their 3 kids.  They live about an hour from there.  
 Noah and Aden were amazing together.  
 As were Ariel and Olivia.  All the kids loved Jake.  
 Cinderella's Castle is so little as compared to Disney World.  
 One of the favorite pics I've ever taken.  
 We got a fast pass for Star Tours and had some time so we waited in line for the Buzz Lightyear ride about 45 minutes.  The twins loved shooting those guns.  
 Messing around.  The kids were kind of pains most of the time.  

 Amy and I took the twins on a quick ride while the others went to see the Star Wars exhibit.  
 Finally we got to do Star Tours.  That was really cool.  I'm glad I took the dramamine.  Some of these rides can really make you motion sick.  

 Lunch time.  The food was pretty gross.  It was a hamburger place in Tomorrowland.  All the kids besides little Noah seem happy here.  

 The castle.  
 We then went on Pirates of the Caribbean.  Again it threw me off.  It was similar to the one in Florida but different enough.

 Felt like we were in New Orleans.  
 We even got beignets.  Yum.  
 Then some ice cream of course.  
 We then headed to Star Wars land.  It was amazing!  It really feels like you are there.  
 This was jaw dropping.  A life sized Millennium Falcon.  


 Then it was time for the Christmas themed Haunted Mansion.  

 The ghosts were still dancing.  
 The twins are still talking about the funny ghosts.  
 We grabbed a late dinner at one of the carryout restaurants.  We could not get into a real one.  They were all booked.  
 The castle looked cool at night.  

  The late parade was just ending.  It was so crowded.  
 We headed over to It's a Small World but the wait was too long.  
 We decided to call it a night.  We got to the parks around 7am and got back to the hotel around 9!  We could see the fireworks at 9:30 from our hotel but we really didn't watch.  We just went to bed.  Have a great weekend!  These pics will go on all next week!

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