Monday, January 13, 2020

Schmidt Dawkins

We are still really behind so I'm going to speed this up.  This will get us through a week ago Saturday.  

I love Ariel's screen saver.  
 They really love to play.  If they didn't make such a mess.  
 My parents came to hang.  
 Noah can concentrate on arts projects.  
 Eli not so much.  
 What's so funny Ariel?
 This is a cool tribute for 2020.
 We went to Grandma's Grotto for dinner a week ago Friday.  
 Games anyone?  
 I think this is late night Friday fun.  

 They went right down the steps.  
 Trying out a new toy a week ago Saturday.  

 It was warm enough to play outside.  
 The boys wanted to go around and see the Christmas lights still up.  

 That night we met Jason and Heather and the twins at the Buttonwood Grill in Peddler's Village.  We've done that a few times recently, taking the older kids out on a Saturday night.  
 Aden talked sports with the boys.  
 High school seems so long ago.  
 We went to the bakery, then Nina's Waffles for dessert.  

Ariel has gotten into Tik Toks.  I will post some soon.  They are really funny.  

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