Sunday, January 12, 2020

Happy New Year!

Back to normal sized posts.  Hope you all weren't overwhelmed by the California pictures.  We are two week behind but should catch up quickly as I took very few pictures that week we got back.  We got back Monday night December 30th.  The 31st was pretty quiet.  The only thing I did was cook about 25 chicken cutlets to bring to Ali's house.  Speaking of Ali's house, we headed there for New Years Eve celebrations along with Amy's parents, her sister and my sister.  

My New Years Eve date!  Lucky me!
 We had a fun night.  

 The kids were crazy of course.  
 Some cute pics.

 There was lots of yummy food.  

 Thanks for a great night Ali!

 We actually didn't get home till around 11.  We got the kids to sleep.  
 Then watched the ball drop.  Happy New Year!
 We didn't do much on the 1st.  We watched some of the parades.  
 Then Amy, Aden and I went to see the Star Wars movie.  
 It was the end of an era.  The last of the 9 main movies spanning over 40 years.  We all really liked it.  The critics not so much.  

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