Thursday, January 9, 2020

Barney's Beanery

This is the last LA post!  You all survived!  I will be sending you your pins to wear proudly.  This all seems so long ago, I hardly remember it.  Luckily, I haven't taken many pictures since we got back, so I will be able to catch up pretty quickly next week.  These are from a week ago Sunday and Monday.  

We actually had a pretty rough morning.  It started out nice enough.  We met an old friend from home for breakfast who moved out here around 10 year ago.  He's the foot doctor to the stars.  
 We then headed over to Hollywood and Hyland to check out that area.  We paid $25 to park and lasted about 10 minutes.  It was pretty horrible there.  Like Times Square on a bad day.  Lots of dirty Elmo's wanting to take pictures with us for money.  

 Amy was totally disappointed by the Chinese theater.  

 We thought that had taken this away because people kept damaging it.  
 See ya Hollywood.  
 We drove over to Los Feliz, nice neighborhood, to head up to the Griffith Observatory and the Hollywood sign.  The whole mountain was closed due to overcrowding!  
 We drove over to the La Brea Tar Pits.  

 We chilled for a minute.  

 There was a huge line to get in!  And all the shows were sold out.  We weren't doing very well that day.  
 We wandered around the museum.
 We played with the tar.  It's really sticky.  
 Wooly Mammoth!
 Saber tooth tiger.  

 The kids got wild so it was time to head out.  The Eagles game was starting soon!
 We went to Barney's Beanery near our hotel.  It was a cool sports bar.  
 We got a table right next to the Eagles Giants game.  The Eagles needed to win to go to the playoffs.  There were lots of Eagle's fans there.  We could hear them when the Eagles did something well.  

 Big win!
  We went back and freshened up and headed back the Grove.  They were having a Hanukkah candle lighting ceremony.  There were a lot of orthodox Jews there.  

 We checked out Nordstroms.  
 The American Girl Store was closed thankfully.  
 We had dinner at Maggianos then went to Dylan's to get some candy.  

 Early Monday morning, Ariel and I drove the rental car back to the Valley.  That's the Chateau Marmont on the left.  
 We got a ride back then finished packing.  We called an Uber to get us to go to the airport.  A very nice extended Escalade showed up.  We all fit in nicely.  The driver was very nice and took us on a tour of Beverly Hills.  

 The flight was delayed a little but not too bad.  The flight was again pretty good.  Noah mostly slept and Eli was good with his iPad.  This plane didn't have the tvs and charging ports though.  Bummer.  
 It was about 4:30 hours on the way back.  We were home in our house by around 9.  It was nice to be home!  Have a great weekend!

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