Wednesday, January 15, 2020

New Dances

It's a cold, rainy Wednesday night.  This was kind of crazy.  After my workout at the gym today, I had a full on panic attack.  It's the second time it's happened to me at the gym.  I wonder what's triggering it.  Tonight we had the kindergarten coffee at Breezy Point.  It's hard to believe the boys are going to be in kindergarten!  Back to last week.  We are starting to catch up!  This was Monday and Tuesday.  

A mess before school.  
 That night Ariel was doing some homework on the computer.  
 Cuddles with the kids.

 Just packing up the twins to send them back.  I think we have 5 years to get our money back!

 See ya boys!  It was fun!
 Funny dad.  
 Tuesday at dance, we got a sneak preview of Ariel's two costumes for the recital.  

 They got their songs and started their routines!

 They took the girls to see the costumes.  

 First moves!

 So we had a visitor that night.  Needless to say, it was not someone Amy invited.  
 I caught him and took him to the Churchville Nature Center where I let him go!
Eli can really pound that white rice.  

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