Monday, January 27, 2020

Marty is Not a Seat

These are from last Sunday.  I always take Ariel to Hebrew school at 9 am.  Usually I walk her to the class and she says goodbye and runs in.  Not this time.  For some reason she was hanging onto my leg and crying.  There was another girl doing the same thing to her dad.  I looked at him and both just walked into the class and told the girls we would stay a little while.  After a few minutes, I was able to pull myself away.  The other guy was stuck.  Later Ariel said she cried when I left but then she was ok.  
 Speaking of teaching.  This is pretty crazy if you can read it.  Stay away from those ice cream shops!
 When I got back from dropping off Ariel, the twins were busy.  
 We took them to the market.  They love those little carts.  They grab everything!
 They found Marty!

 Eli just sat on him!
 Decorating for Valentines Day.  
 I took Ariel to basketball.  

 This was the only time Ariel touched the ball!

A little after game hijinks.  
 The twins had a birthday party at the NAC.  It was shooting Nerf guns, which they surprisingly did not like.  

 They had more fun running around the party room.  

 Happy Birthday Lina!

 Yummy cake.  
 That night we met Randy, Jessica and the kids for dinner at Friend's.
 Ariel loved hanging with big girl Sami.  

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