Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Everyone enjoying the cold?  It was 10 degrees when I left the house today and it didn't get much better than that!  Tell me again why we don't live in Florida?  Aden has been saying some funny things.  Today he told us he wanted to bring his bear to school so all the girls would say, "awwwww." I have an app on my phone where I can keep track of what he says. 

Monday, Ariel threw the dolls off her chair and sat down.

 Aden wanted to go play with Jason but it was Ariel who had Jason's attention.

Back to swim.  


Getting better at jumping in.

 This could be a problem.  As you may know, this is Aden's chair.  It's where he eats most meals.  Ariel now want to sit there!  She's done with the high chair.
 This is her devilish look.  She knows she's being bad.
 It's so cute though.

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