Thursday, January 17, 2013

Chicken Nuggets

Here are some random pictures from the week.  Baby power!
It's nice when they can feed themselves.  
 Right baby?
 Amy took Ariel to another music class.  This time she was in a much better mood and walked around a lot!
 Hey buddy, what do you think you are doing?

 Uh Ariel.  What are you doing?
 Of course Aden is just sipping his juice and watching.

 Someone seems excited for gym class.

Ariel had chicken nuggets for lunch, which she didn't eat.  They were in her lunch bag.  She reached in and grabbed one and ate the whole thing.
 Yummy.  You know Aden has never eaten a chicken nugget.
 If you look hard you will see Aden crying.  He did not have a good time at gym.  He always liked it until last week when he wouldn't go in the room.  This time he went in but didn't want to do anything.  We aren't sure what's wrong.
 Save me!

 Ariel doesn't mind who she leans on.

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