Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Friends!

It's Tuesday night and we are watching 90210.  Every time we watch it Amy says it's stupid and it's the last time but we are still watching.  

Sunday we had new friends over for dinner.  Jodi, Danny and Cate are friends of Kevin and Andrea from Atlanta.  They moved here recently and we are thrilled to welcome them.  They are a sweet family and the kids got along great!
We finally moved the train to the basement to make more space in the playroom.  Ariel is really into different modes of transportation now.  
Doesn't matter if train, car or other train, she is on the move!
The kids played in pretty much every room in the house.
Yes, Aden cheats.  Look how he holds the fishing rod.

Crazy ball!
Back to the playroom.
Cate found Ariel's dolls.

This is cute.  

Ice cream break!  

Fearless in the tunnel.

We approve Aden!  You can borrow the car if you want, just don't keep her out too late!  

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Cate's Mom and Dad said...

Thanks for a fun night! I had to tell Cate to play a little hard to get after we left your house!