Sunday, January 27, 2013

Whack A Mole!

It's Sunday night and we are watching An Officer and a Gentlemen.  Amy is in love with Richard Gere.  Anyway, we had a pretty quiet weekend.  Saturday, we pretty much didn't get out of our pajamas!  

Friday night, we had our neighbors over for dinner.  

 Ariel fit right in with the boys.

 This was going on outside!  We needed a little snow to make the cold almost worth it.
 Ariel working on an engine.
 Ride that train.
 Watch her expressions.

 Yes, they made messes all over the house.

 They were fighting over the car.  She is tough.
 Daddy made Aden brownies!

 Good night boys!
 Play date with Sam and Jaxson.
 Pretty fancy kitchen at Sam's house.  Even has hard wood floors.
 Jaxson is only 2 months older than Ariel and way bigger.

Still not used to her walking.
Let us out!

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