Wednesday, January 16, 2013

This Is American Idol!

It's Wednesday night and we are watching American Idol!  Has it been a year already?  We are 15 minutes in and Amy is already annoyed about the fighting between Mariah Carey and Niki Minaj and all the talk about what we are going to see rather then just seeing it.  I'm sure we will stick with it though.

This was a play date with Caleb, Ariel's friend from music class.
 Ariel took charge.

 They had fun.
 Lunch at Bertuccis.
 She's looking old.
 Hey Ariel, what's in your mouth?
 Her appetite is back!  She's eating a ton again.
 What do you think about that lemon?

 Aden and Burghy.


 Ok, this is where things got a little freaky.  Ariel was sitting on the floor with some cookies.

 She fed the cookies to Burghy.
 We took the cookies away but saw that Ariel was chewing.  What was she chewing?  Burghy's food of course.  It's great how they share.  We cleaned out her mouth, put her back on the floor and she did it again!  She had a mouthful of the crunchy dog food!  At least she will have a shiny coat and no fleas!
 I'm not joking when I say she will eat anything.

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