Thursday, January 24, 2013

Kindergarten Coffee

It's Thursday night and we are watching Glee.  It's back!  Ok, not that exciting.  We are so over this cold weather.  Here are the randoms from the week.

Back in Aden's seat, eating Aden's rice cake!  Bad girl!
 Play date with Sam.
 Still broccoli at every meal.
 Boy Bugs!
 This was leaving for work on Wednesday.  Ugh.
 Still not used to her walking.  She's able to make even bigger messes now.
 Yes, the sign said older than 2 but she loved it.
 Doing some shopping.
 Aden eating some meatballs that Amy made with a lot of bribery. He's now eaten meat 3 times this week.  The first meat he's ever eaten!
 Sharing snacks.

 Amy and I went to the kindergarten coffee at Breezy Point.  There are 2 teachers we have to choose between.  The program looks pretty intense.  We are excited for Aden.
 They were wrestling tonight.  She's going to be tough.

 Lots of horsey rides.

 Sitting at her table.

Yes, it's time for bed!

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