Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Winter Wonderland

It's Wednesday morning.  Back to work and school!  These pics are from Saturday.
 My cousins an grandmother came to hang out.

 Batman and a ninja also showed up.
 Aden is finally not scared of the robot.

 My little dancing bear.
 Poor Ron!  He had no idea this was coming!

 This is what was going on outside at the time!

 The girls checked out the dolls.

 Where did Spiderman come from?
 That night we had dinner at Amy's parent's house.
 Ariel plays well with Cooper.
 The kids table!

 Ariel sharing her food with Cooper.

 Brianna loves her doll.
 All the boys need is an iPhone.

 Time to bundle up and head back into the snow!

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