Monday, January 28, 2013

Go Bananas

After the soccer game, we went with some of the families to a pizza place in Richboro.  Maura's sister Maddie was there and immediately took Ariel!
The girls fought over her.

She was their living doll!

We took up the whole place!

Then we went next door to Go Bananas, a frozen yogurt place.  Aden loves yogurt so this was great for him.  Amy and I can't stand it.  I didn't even think the toppings looked that great.

It was busy for a cold day.

Aden and Maddie.
So Ariel walks off...
and hangs out with some older kids?!?!
She fit right in!
Later that night, we had dinner at my parents.
Ariel got right to work.
Monkey in the middle!
Ariel took my grandmother's jewelry and put it on.
Then she took it off and put in in her mouth!

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