Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Let's finish off the weekend.  We couldn't leave without going to Dino's.  Yes, that is a full yummy steak sandwich in my hands.  
 And if we are at Dino's, we couldn't pass up some milk chocolate turtles at Jagielky's next door.
We finally got a look at Margate.  It was sad.  A lot of damage from the hurricane.  Many places were still closed.  We are surprised the WaWa and CVS are still empty.  

We then got a look at poor Greg/Jackie/Barry/Sheri's house.  We hope they can get it fixed soon.
 Cooper watched closely while we ate that big, juicy steak sandwich.
 It was nice out so we took a walk to the playground.

 It's like we never left!  How can it really be 5 months?
 Where's your hat?
 That's better.

 She loved the slide.  It took Aden years to like it.

 They fight over the stroller.
 It was a crazy couple of days but it was time for us to head home.
 We stopped at Uno's on the way.  Ariel squealed when she saw her  plate of broccoli.  Everyone around us was staring with open mouths as she devoured the whole plate in seconds.  

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