Sunday, January 6, 2013

My Cuddle Buddy

It's late Sunday night and we are catching up on tv.  We had new friends over for dinner tonight, but more on that later.  It was a really fast weekend, I'm not really sure why.  We did a few things but it wasn't totally crazy.  I guess the biggest news is that we finally moved Aden out of his child car seat into a high back booster.  He actually liked his seat and he still fit and we felt secure with him in it, but it was time.  We needed his seat for Ariel and I was tired of lifting him into it.  The booster he can get in himself.  So far so good.

A visit from Burghy.  Wait, is he sitting on the sofa?
Hey Uncle Mark!

Little buddies.
She's been very cuddly lately.
We took Maura out to dinner Friday night.  We wanted to spend a little more time with her before she headed back to school, where she is now!  She was such a great help all through the break plus we really like just being with her so she will be missed.
How cool is this!
Saturday was a lazy day.  The kids played.

When Ariel took her nap, Aden went next door to play.  He ended up staying all afternoon.  This were the pictures from when I picked him up.  The older boys were playing X Box.
Ariel patiently waited for her turn.

I saw this.  Cute.

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