Monday, January 7, 2013

Indoor Soccer

These are kind of out of order but I'm too lazy to move them around.  Ed, Elaine, Adam and Brianna spent the week in New York.  They came back to say goodbye before heading to Atlanta.  I'm glad we got to see them again.
I can't believe Adam's Bar Mitzvah is in a little over a year!  We will finally have to go to Atlanta!

Brianna did not want to give back Ariel.

This was school Monday morning.  The kids were crazy.

The view from McKenzie.

Sunday morning, soccer started again!  We aren't doing CRUSA this time around.  Just playing at the Northampton Rec Center.  This was the skills assessment day so they could divide up the teams.  As you remember, Aden did not complain, but really didn't love the outdoor soccer so we weren't sure how this would go.  Surprisingly, he threw himself into it!
He played hard and didn't stop!
Go Aden!
Ok, so he stopped for a minute.

Ariel can't wait for her turn.

I guess we will find out the teams next week.

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