Monday, January 21, 2013

Mouse Trap

These are from Sunday morning.  I bought Aden Mouse Trap and he could not wait to play it.  He was in our room around 6 setting it up!  I convinced him to wait a bit.
Chillin' with my girlie!

 It was a lazy morning.  Nobody wanted to do anything.

 Aden was very proud of this.
 She will be fighting her husband for the remote.

 Aden's first breakfast of the morning, French toast.  Cooper knew where to hang out.

 Then he asked grandmom for eggs!  That thrilled everyone.

 Finally, it was time to play.  It's been really long so we took it slow and read the directions.  It's actually kind of a boring game but Aden did love triggering the trap.  
We are finally dressed.  Ariel and the dogs really bonded.
 I think she's finally a little bigger than Burghy.
 Pile on Ariel!
 Helping her walk.
 Ok, it's time for lunch...

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