Thursday, January 3, 2013

End Of An Era

This is Ariel's last bottle of formula.  We had been weaning her off the formula since her birthday and starting today she is all milk all the time!  So far so good!  Our girl is getting big!
Playing at bubbie and grandpop's house.
Aden sort of understood Connect 4.  Ariel just wanted to put the pieces in.
All bundled and ready to go!
Sam and Jaxson and their parents came for brunch on New Year's Day.
What a spread!
I made Paula Dean's French Toast Casserole.  For my first time I have to say it came out pretty good!

The sisters also joined us.

Sam liked the dolls.
This was quite a scene.  Ariel and Sam fighting over the car.  It went on for quite a while.

Sam gave Ariel a push.

Amy and Ali.
Lindsay, Ali and me.
Still pushing and shoving.
Looks like they finally figured out how to share!

Aden has been very physical lately.  First it was Ron, then Todd.

Back to gym at the NAC.
Ariel made friends.

Hi Aden!

Sammie from Aden's school.
Can't leave without getting his feet stamped!

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