Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Ariel Will Sleep Anywhere

Some random pics from last week.  The boys worked on their homework.

 There's Mrs. Maria who is going to babysit the kids soon!
 A little wrestling.

 The bench was a good idea.  The boys like to stand on it and look out over the backyard.
 Eli was busy fixing things.

 Ariel's friend told her about a sleepover at the NAC on Friday night.  She was determined to do it and talked us into it.  I dropped her off at 8 pm.  
 The kids first went to the pool.  Then they did some gymnastics.  We couldn't get a straight answer from them how late they stayed up.
 I walked through the gym and sent this pic to my trainer and others to convince them I was working out at 8:30 on a Friday night.  Unlikely!
 This was Saturday morning.  Ariel is so quick to sleep anywhere but home while Aden is the total opposite.  He always wants to sleep at home.  
 She was mad at me about something.
 Back home for breakfast.  Eli buttered his own bread!
 Dance class.  How is she awake?
 Dr. Eli checked out daddy.
 All healthy!

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