Monday, May 7, 2018

Wild Bar Mitzvah

It's Monday night.  Amy and I are back from Nashville!  Yes, we were away.  We had tons of fun.  Pics to follow.  Aden is struggling with a school project and we feel bad because we aren't sure how to help him.  

Last Saturday night, Amy and I went to a Bar Mitzvah in Cherry Hill.  My high school friend Lori's middle child David.  It was so nice of them to invite us.  The synagogue was beautiful.  The service and the party were together which was nice.  We didn't have to go back and forth twice.  
 Amy with more of my high school friends.
Me and the guys.  

 The party was fun. The dj played good music so the parents joined the kids dancing.
 There were over 150 kids there!

 Steve gave and funny speech and I really loved their photo montage.
 Cool centerpieces.  
 Sisters Lori and Jodi.  I lived with both of them! 
 It was fun to get out and dance!
 Interesting look Ariel.
 She went to a friend's house.
 I took Aden to football.  It was freeeeezing!

Aden is really into it.

Then I went to pick Ariel back up.  The girls had fun.

 I went to have lunch with my grandmother.  
 The boys at gym class.

Playing in the basement.
Eli likes to clean.

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