Thursday, May 10, 2018

Nemo & Dory

It's Thursday night and I can't keep my eyes open.  I really hope the kids sleep tonight.  Last week, Ariel's class went to the aquarium in Camden.  We took the short bus!
 The kids were good.  They are still young.
 We made it!

 Walking to our presentation.  
 The kids got a quick lesson in fish.  
 Stuffed fish.

Touch the star fish.  Oh yeah, they are officially called sea stars now.

 Ariel was kind of quiet.  She seemed deep in thought.  

 The cool kids.
The divers put on a show for us.  You could hear them talking.
 The kids and the hippos.  

 Ariel's class adopted a penguin.  
 What are we touching?
 Nemo and Dory!
 Lots of fun at the aquarium.  Have a great weekend!  Look for Nashville next week!

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