Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Double Rainbow

It's Tuesday night of another cool, wet Spring day.  Aden started guitar lessons this afternoon.  I'm pretty excited about that.  I might  try them too.  Amy is headed out for her 2nd girl's night in a few days.  Not that I'm counting.  I guess that's why she let me go to the concert last night.  The older two are behind me playing a spelling game on the iPad.  First, I'm amazed they are playing together on the same team and then Ariel is holding her end up.  She's guessing a lot of the letters correctly.  

Pick up at school.
 Ariel was checking out Aden's new guitar.
 The sky is falling!

 We were stuck inside during a crazy thunderstorm.
 Eli entertained us.
 The storm left us with a double rainbow!

 Now that is a cool picture if I do say so myself.
 After all the practices and meetings, it was finally time for cheerleading tryouts.  We just dropped Ariel off so we don't know how she did.
 But she was happy when we picked her up.
 We still don't know their decision on her.
 Enjoying that corn Eli?
 Noah was helping Ariel find words.
 What are you cooking Eli?

 Are we really going to make him keep playing the clarinet?
 Ariel likes to try on Amy's shoes.
 They are building a rainforest in Ariel's class.

 Such a big boy!

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