Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Don't Stop Believing

It's a rainy Wednesday night and I have to take the trash out.  Here's a big post:

This is what was waiting for us as we flew back from Nashville.  One of my favorite pictures ever. 
 Yay!  Mommy and daddy came back!

 Eli likes football like Aden.  
 Ariel loved the pink cowboy hat we bought her.  
 She kept in on for a couple of days.  

 She even wore it to school.
 Noah is really into chocolate milk these days.
 They left a giant lawn mower on our lawn.  It broke down.  I was worried the twins would be all over it but Amy told them to stay away and they did.  

 Aden's Spring Concert!
 He was the only boy on clarinet!

 Aden and friends rocking to some Journey!

So proud.
 Ariel was busy making friends.

 The run around as a shark and lion roaring.
 Amy had a nice lunch date.
 The twins were doing exercises in class when I got them.
 Up to the school.  The boys made a friend!

 Silly in the tub.

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