Thursday, May 17, 2018

Lyla Is Always Looking At Me

It's Thursday night.  We don't know what to do with the twins this summer.  We really expected them to be fully potty trained and in beds by the time we started going to the shore.  Well that's not going to happen.  They are too big for the pack n plays but if they are in beds, we are worried they will wander around during the night.  This is going to be interesting.  Next summer might be easier?  Let's finish off last week.

Ariel tried on my grandfather's boots.  I was going to being them to Nashville but they were so heavy.  
 This made for good morning entertainment.  The township came and opened the fire hydrant outside our house.
 Aden's class.  I have barely been here all year.

 We took a school bus to the high school.
 The District Art Show.  
 Some kids from all the schools get picked to display their art.

 This was a winner.  Pretty amazing.
 This was Aden's piece!

 Cheerleading practice.

 The lawn is the best it's looked in a long time.  I guess there is something good about the rain.  
 I bought Aden a crazy big bean bag chair.
 Dinner with my family.
 Eli kept my grandmother entertained.

 Enjoying the new bean bag chair.

 I was sent these from Ariel's school.  

 We saw this on Aden's phone.  Lol.  Have a great weekend!

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