Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Go Back To Bed!

It's Tuesday night.  Nothing much to report.  I'm just going to do this then go to bed.  Last week, the twins were still in France for their class trip.  That day was the Tour de France, so practiced riding in the garage before school.  
 The bikes are ready to go!

 The teacher uploads pictures all the time.  I haven't looked all year.  I need to get a hold of them.  I want to see what really went on with this race.

 They even wore yellow shirts.
 Eli's was a bit large.
 Playing in the back after school.

 A bunch of neighbors came out.  We have been stuck in far too long!
 Over to play at a neighbor's house.

 We had our mulch done.  The boys disappeared from the house.  We ran out to find them digging up the mulch and throwing it on the driveway.
 Baseball practice.

 Everyone is quiet so mommy and daddy can eat!

Now it's time to wrestle.
 Ariel tried to read to them.
 But they don't listen.

 This was 3:30 am.  We had a visit from a couple wide awake toddlers!

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