Tuesday, May 8, 2018

My Pretty Girls

It's Tuesday night.  We had Aden's spring concert tonight.  He was really rockin' that clarinet!  We need to find him a cooler instrument.  He's going to start the guitar soon but that's not in school, he can't do it there and Amy wants him to play in school.  The kids did a great job.  I will post that later.  These are from last week:

Crazy sky.

 What do you see Eli?
 It's Carly!  Coming for a visit.  

 Chasing bunnies.

 They could spend all day on the swing.

 Time to play with the neighbors.

 I always make them pose before school.
 What are you doing in Aden's bed Eli?
 Caught you stealing gum Noah!
 Back outside.  We got a new lawn company.  It's looking pretty good.  Usually it's full of dandelions by now.  

 Eating outside is fun.  
 The big kids wanted to help cook.

 Amy visited Ariel's school and brought a treat.

 My pretty girls!

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