Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Holland Field Day

Wow today was hot!  It's not supposed to last though.  We got the end of year evaluations for the twins.  You really must read them.  I will try and post them here.  I don't think she knew what to say about Eli!  He's a piece of work!  This is a long post about Aden's Field Day last week.  Ok, it's now Wednesday morning, I forgot to finish this!  

Morning boys!
 Ready for Field Day!
 Aden was all charged up!
 First event, tire roll!

Aden and the other kids were very nice in helping the kids that needed some extra help.
Amy, Ariel and the twins walked up to the school.

 Tug of War!
 Ariel and Maya.
 Aden and his team did great.
 They won every game.
 Ariel entertained the older boys.
 The kids loved to get splashed.

Fill it up!
Then into to the gym to hang clothes!

 The big kids took over the kindergarten playground.

Mommy and Aden.
 This went on all day.  Sadly the white team won.  I don't think Aden has won yet!

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