Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Cruel Trick!

Watching the Sixers losing.  They better get themselves together.  Running out of time.  We had the house power washed today.  It really makes a difference.  The flowers are coming out the leaves have suddenly appeared.  It's finally Spring, in the middle of May when it should be almost Summer.  Here are more pics from last week:

Ariel was a big help getting lotion on the twins although the lotion she got on the deck won't come off.

 All ready to go!
 I might have mentioned before that Curtis has been cutting my hair for almost 35 years!  He also cuts my dad's hair and all the kid's hair.  So his wife just took a job in Arkansas and this was his last day!  What am I going to do?
 I sat by the pool for a minute before my workout.  
 Then I saw this!  Go Ali!  I'm actually jealous.  I have been earning a lot of workout points and thought maybe I would be in the running.  I guess all of Ali's running paid off.
 Normal dinnertime craziness.

 We went to Rita's for ice cream and water ice.  
 The boys made huge messes.  
 Ariel did pretty well.
 Over to the neighbor's house to jump.

 Nice hair Eli.  
 Watering the plants.
 Kissy face.
 Amy tried to scare me.  Not funny.  

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