Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Bike Accident

It's Tuesday night.  Happy Birthday Amy!  Although the day kind of ended on a sad note.  Both the camps our kids go to decided to close today for the summer.  What are we going to do?  Don't want to think about that now.  Back to last Sunday.  We woke up late at the shore.  So late that we were asleep when Honey came to the door!

 We went to Hot Bagels.  What a mess.  There were barely any people there and it was totally chaotic.  How will they handle real crowds?
 Jageilky's was smooth though.  Give me my milk chocolate turtles!
 The deli counter at Casels was all blocked off.  
 Ariel found a hot tub to get into.  

 Monday, Eli was excited to try out his new lawn mower.

 So, I think I mentioned I had just gotten on my bike and I went over the handlebars.  I have no idea why.  My hands hit first and took the brunt of it.  I think my chest hit second and I may have a fractured rib.  It's now 9 days later and I'm as sore as ever!
 Noah trying to cheer me up.  
 My poor watch got scratched.  
 This was me the rest of the day.  
 That night we went to the neighbors a little.  
 The kids were trying to get balls out of a tree. 

 I didn't last long.  I had to go back and ice up.  It's been so hard to sleep.  I can't get comfortable and the boys are still coming in during the night and sleeping on top of me.  

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