Monday, May 18, 2020

Building a Volcano

It's way too late Sunday night so here's a quick post so I can go to bed.  Last Saturday, it was ridiculously cold.  
 Ariel decided to surprise mommy with a Mother's Day treat a day early.  She made breakfast in bed and a nice card.  

 The boys were still obsessed with volcanos and wanted a new challenge, so we decided to make a volcano!
 We mixed up the plaster.  

 Put it in the mold.  
 Waited impatiently for it to dry.  
 Then we painted.  
 Look for the finished volcano tomorrow.  
 Amy took out all the Paw Patrol toys we had and tried to come up with a story involving all of it.  
 That night I had a Zoom meeting with my high school buddies. It was so much fun.  I hadn't talked to some of these guys in years.  

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