Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Mentos and Coke

It's Wednesday night.  I just took out the trash.  I'm starting to really think that should be Aden's job now.  I'm also in the middle of the making challah.  I started it after 7 and it takes like 4 1/2 hours so that was brilliant.  I'm so tired now and it's not even 10.  Hopefully it works.  You never know with the yeast.  The kids and Amy are so fascinated that the yeast is actually alive.  The kids watched videos of the yeast under a microscope and had tons of questions.  Anyway, these pics are from Tuesday and Wednesday.  

Tuesday we played outside.  
 We got a visit from Carly.  
 The boys had class with Mrs. Meryl.  

 The boys are really into science these days.  First, it was volcanoes.  Then it was Mentos and Coke.  
They were so excited to do this but it kind of fizzled.  We read later that Diet Coke works better.  

Eli said it wasn't cool!
 So back to the volcanos.  

 Wednesday morning it was time for another craft.  Painting rocks!
 What do you want to do Eli?

 A watermellon!

 Singing for everyone.  

 Some Osmo racing.  
 This Osmo is really good.  You are think you are playing games but really you are learning.  The spatial reasoning here is on the iq test!

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