Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Sad Challah

It's a chilly Wednesday night.  Way too chilly to be this close to Memorial Day.  What's up people?  I tried to work out today.  Boy that was a mistake.  I and way sorer than I thought I was.  We have been working on our toys.  We have so much.  We gave away a ton to a family friend.  We should get rid of so much more.  It's sad to let let toys go but when you are always buying new ones something has to happen.  

Are the Eagles going to play this season?  If they do, this schedule is ridiculous.  I don't think they win more than 5 games.  
 These are from last Wednesday and part of Thursday.  What happened to the volcano?
 I told them it was a real volcano and the lava is just building up on it making it bigger.  
 The boys insist on making their own chocolate milk.  

 This Pete the Cat game is fun.  

 Back to the old volcano.  
 We went to visit the puppy.

 I got kisses.

 That night I tried to make a challah.  The first problem is yeast is sold out everywhere.  I had to borrow some from a neighbor.  The second issue was using gluten free flour.  I tried to do it the easy way.  Throw everything in a bag let it rise on it's own.  No kneading.  

 I started this process too late.  It was well after midnight when I started the braiding.  
 I did a fair job.  
 It looked good when it was done but nobody liked it.  The taste was decent, it was just too dense.  
 Thursday, the kids had class.  I love when they raise their hands.  

 They had to present animals.  Eli went first with his penguin.  Noah did an owl.  We listened in.  The girls did so much better.  They knew more facts and spoke more clearly.  
 This was a nice surprise.  Aden's principal came by with a graduation sign for Aden.  
 He hates posing. This was the best I could get.  
 Ariel on the other hand.   
 Then one of his teachers stopped by.  
 Water balloon time.  They are fun but make a mess.  I'm the one who ends up picking up all the little pieces.  

 Did you get Jason Ariel?

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