Tuesday, May 19, 2020

We Crossed the Wrong Way!

It's a painful Tuesday night.  I'm pretty sure I didn't break anything but everything hurts.  And I can't get the twins to stop jumping on me.  Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow.  These are from last Monday and Tuesday.  Back to the volcanoes of course.  

 This was during breakfast!
 Aden's camp trunks came in.  They are more like giant duffle bags these days.  
 Ariel got a Reborn baby doll.  It's too real.  

 She takes him everywhere and treats him like a baby.  
 Back to school.  The letter of the week was W.

 This is the way it's been.  We've had 80's and snow in the last few weeks.  
 I took the 3 little ones for a drive again.  
 We found another covered bridge!
 We went up to New Hope then crossed into New Jersey.  

 We crossed back into PA at Washington's Crossing.  
 We went the opposite way that Washington went in 1776.  

 We weren't out there long.  A big t-storm came out of nowhere.  
 Back to do more school work.  

 Tuesday we cleaned out Amy's pants.  Eli had fun with the hangars.  

 Music time.  

 Funny how they raise their hand for virutal class.  
 A little fishing before bed.  

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