Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Where Are The Planes?

Here's a hug post for your Wednesday.  It's Monday and Tuesday of last week.  Last Monday, we did some Pete the Cat crafts.  I had to keep the twins busy so Amy could work with Ariel.  

 We made cupcakes!
 Eli did pretty well playing the guitar.  
 We have a very musical family.  
 King Aden was on his bean bag on his bed.  He texted to us to bring him lunch!
 Osmo races.
 Eli helped me water the plants.  
 More crafts.  
 This was Tuesday.  I cuddled with Ariel and her kids.
 Then Ariel had morning meeting with her class.  
 The kids had been begging me to rent Trolls 2.  It was supposed to be in the theaters but they just released it to rent but for $20.  I really didn't want to spend $20 because it would only last 2 days and they I know they would not stop asking for it again but I gave in.  They had already seen the first 10 minutes on Youtube and knew every word.  

 That day the Blue Angels and the Thunderbirds were going to fly from Trenton to Philadelphia to show thanks to the first responders.  We were sort of in the flight path.  
 We got ready to watch.  It was a nice day.  
 There was live coverage online.  We saw them leave the base and fly around Trenton.  
 But all the sudden, they were flying around Philly so we missed them.  
 Here are some screen shots.

 I guess it would have been nice to see them.  
 Like I said, it was a nice day.  
 I took Eli to the Churchville Nature Center, which had just reopened.  
 It was pretty quiet there.  Eli loves to explore and lead the way.  
 I brought bread but the sign asked us not to feed the birds.  

 We went further than I have ever gone here.  

 Back at the front we saw lots of frogs.  

 Ariel went back to see Honey again!
 Of course she was distracted all day and didn't finish her school work until dinnertime.  
 Thanks for helping Ariel!

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