Monday, May 11, 2020

Tiny Water Balloons

It's Monday night.  Another crazy day of virtual school.  It was weird weather.  Sunny, rainy, warm and cold.  All at the same time!  They are saying 80's by the end of the week.  That will be nice.  Back to last Sunday.  We all slept well at the shore.  We usually do.  I don't even think the twins came in during the night at all.  I came down to a pillow fight in action.  
 We made pancakes.  

 Yes, we brought the volcano.

 We didn't stay long.  It was rainy and cool at the shore but warm and sunny home.  
 Of course I got some Mack & Manco's delivered.  I brought home a couple of pies.  

 No this is my happy place.  
 The kids played while we packed up.  
 Aden started a Lucy the Elephant lego.
 We got home pretty quickly by early afternoon.  The kids wanted to play with water balloons.  

 Of course Aden played a little too rough.
 Eli loves those hoses.  

 It was really nice out!
 Amy has been loving the porch.
 My riding buddy.  

 I went for a bit of a ride.  Like I've said, nowhere to go.  
 Honey came for a visit.  

 Good thing Honey left before Carley came out.  

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