Sunday, May 3, 2020

A Day at the Park

It's Sunday night and we are back from the shore!  We went for the weekend.  We just needed a change of scenery and the weather was so nice.  It was just as eerie down there as it is at home.  We got a glimpse of the new normal.  It was also a lot of work just to go away for a night.  It's hard to pack for 6!  Anyway, back to last Saturday.  

The boys were racing cars around the bathtub.  
 Then they raced crazy cars down the street.  
 I took Ariel and the twins to Tyler Park.  It was packed!

 Should have brought a fishing rod.  

 We took a walk and saw some horses.  
 Like the beard?  This was a week ago and I still haven't shaved.  
 The boys led the way.  They found a path.  
 Ariel looked for horses.  

 They did really well.  They didn't complain.  
 This was the top of a really big hill.  
 They all just ran down.  
 Ariel did TikToks on the way.  
 See, it was steep!

 Snack time.  

 We went to Nina's for ice cream and waffles!  Yum.  

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