Wednesday, May 6, 2020


It's Wednesday night and time for another huge post.  I've been taking a lot of pictures and we don't even have organized activities.  Last Wednesday morning we had a birthday driveby for the twin's friend Annabelle.  

 Happy Birthday!

 They were more interested in their friend Miles who lives across the street.  

 Stencil time.  
 We played a funny Cat in the Hat game.  

 Thursday morning, the boys had fun with paper towels.  

Don't they realize these things are gold?
 I put the paper towels in the basement and locked the door.  The lock is high up.  The boys worked together to open the door.  

 They got it!
 Cheer time with Ariel's partner.  Poor girl needs another girl around to help her cheer.  

I found a toy from my childhood.  It kept the boys busy for maybe 30 seconds.  
 Outside to play in the rain.  

 Eli is obsessed with volcanos.  He asks us questions about them all the time.  He doesn't believe that Amy and I slept on one in Hawaii!  Eli went on Amazon himself and picked this one.  
 So excited.  

 We did this later with vinegar and baking soda and had a much bigger explosion.  
 I had ribs in the slow cooker.  They took a while.  We had smores while we waited.  It was raining so we used the stove.  

 Ariel helped with the mashed potatoes.  
 The ribs came out awesome I would have to say.  
 Although only Amy and I ate them.  

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