Thursday, May 14, 2020

Rainy Lake Nockamixon

It's Thursday night.  Woo hoo.  Today was nice but I was so tired it was all just a blur.  Aden's principal and one of his teachers stopped by to drop off a graduation sign for him.  That was really sweet.  Back to last Thursday and Friday.

Time for morning meeting!
 I got Amy to throw out a bunch of old shoes.  
 Ariel tried on her wedding shoes.  
 Eli said he was the king.
 We heard the Mentos work better with Diet Coke.  Eli is ready to find out.  
 It was nice out so we headed to New Hope.  
It was quiet there.  Not much open besides the cupcake place.  

 They were filming a video with the honey people.  

 Sadly, nobody liked the cupcakes.  
 Oh, the squirrel loved the cupcakes.
 We stopped by Melissa's to see the dog.  

 Eli's new obsession, lawn mowers.

 Friday, we all took a drive up to Nockamixon State Park.  
 It was rainy so we mostly stayed in the car.  
 We mostly did it for the kids to sleep.  
 The lake is huge.  

 Back home to wrestle.  
 Melissa sent this pic.  Cutie.  
 Ariel did a dance class with a friend.  
 We tried to exercise but the twins wouldn't let us.  
 Come on Amy, do some pushups!
 We made some s'more cups.  
 They came out yummy.  Have a great and safe weekend!

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