Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Human Nuggets

It's Wednesday night.  These are from last Tuesday and Wednesday.  I thought this was funny.  
 I had a work Zoom meeting.  
 Interrupted by Spiderman.  

 Alex came over to play.  

 This kind of puts it in perspective.  
 Wednesday the toy box exploded.  
 Brrr.  It was chilly.  
 Aden's camp clothes arrived.  
 We got a tether ball set.  

 Eli decided he wanted to build a roller coaster in the backyard.  He brought out all the tools he thought he would need.  
 He might be missing a few things.  
 I got ribs and fixings from Good Morning America Steals and Deals.  It came from Memphis, TN.  
 Playing at the neighbors.  
 Eli was fascinated by the heat lamps that we shouldn't need in the middle of May.   

 Candy time.

 That night we made a video for our friend Becky's birthday.  It took several tries.  I sent them all the outtakes so they could see what we went through.  

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