Thursday, May 21, 2020

Slip "N" Slide (Not as fun as I remembered)

It's way too late Thursday night and I'm actually getting more sore as the days go on.  These are from last Thursday afternoon and last Friday.  I took the boys to the Churchville Nature Center.  They were both a little scared for some reason.  

 Eli wanted to know how the letters got on the tree.  

 Eli had to touch the water.  
 We got deep in the woods.  

 Not sure how to caption this picture.  
 Friday was nice and warm.  Ariel did her homework outside.  
 I mean Ariel did some sunbathing outside.  

 My parents brought over some rockets.  

 Eli found a Slip and Slide in the garage and insisted on setting it up.  

 Did you notice Ariel's suit?

 The neighbors all got together.  
 Everyone needs a little socialization.  

 Have a great weekend.  

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