Sunday, May 31, 2020

Zoom Bar Mitzvah

It's Sunday night.  We actually had a pretty decent weekend when we weren't expecting much out of it.  The shore was fun.  We even enjoyed the beach for once.  Well, 4/6 of us.  We even got to see a lot of people.  Those will be some big posts next week.  Actually, there are going to be some big posts this week too so hang on!  

This is the way I feel all the time!
Last Saturday, we were supposed to have my cousin Jonah's Bar Mitzvah.  They decided to do the service over Zoom but hold the party until November.  We actually watched a good bit of it.  Thankfully I remembered not to allow video as Amy was in the shower during part of it!  
 Aden has to do this in a year and a half and he was shocked seeing what he is going to have to do.  
 Honey came for a visit.  She played with Carley a bit.  

 Say goodbye to the old swing set!  
 Awww.  Honey.  
 We went up to the school.
 But the sky got dark, so we didn't stay long.  
 Look at that sky!
 I played with the boys before bed.  
 Ariel slept over Melissa's house.  
 Sunday morning.  Since Ariel wasn't home, I slept in her bed.  It's super soft and the boys wouldn't think to look for me there at 6am.  

 Wrestling and craziness.

 We have since moved the train table!  Back to Sunday tomorrow.  

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